Bespoke Display Case – Palitoy Millennium Falcon


“Now, there are plenty of Corellian freighters in the galaxy. But only one has made the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs! Only one has destroyed the mighty Death Star! And only one was captained by the legendary Han Solo! That ship is the Millennium Falcon.”

It’s here – available from stock – and utterly stunning in size!

Crafted from 4mm UV acrylic sheet, highly polished and with dimensions to allow for ‘battle damaged’ boxes, this case will make any boxed PALITOY Falcon the centrepiece of a collection.

Due to the size & weight of the packaged product ( >16kgs), this case requires individual shipping and cannot be consolidated with other products incurring a seperate shipping fee invoiced based on destination.


Overall Dimensions: 573mm x 438mm x 174mm
Access: Sliding Rear Panel
Material: 4mm Acrylic Sheet (UV 96-97%+)
(6 x 22mm Clear Rubber Feet included)

– Please note all toys shown are for display only and not included or for sale –

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